There are instances in which you may be requested to provide us with your personal information. Such information may include but not limited to your full name, phone number, address and email address. In other situations you may be able to communicate with EXPERTS CONSULTING anonymously or via a pseudonym.


    The following are the list of purposes for which EXPERTS CONSULTING collects personal information from individuals:


        We collect personal information from individuals so as to be able to obtain, give response to, and manage response from all people .

        Enable  EXPERTS CONSULTING users share their travelling experience with other travelers on our forums and manage the communications on our forums so as to ensure that the submitted posts and messages comply with the regulations on our Terms & Conditions document.

        Facilitate processing of purchase orders and offer technical support.

        Give updates and information to travelers (e.g. promotions, offers, travel news, competitions, surveys and special events) from  EXPERTS CONSULTING. However, we do this only if you ask us to do so. Our updates and information may also be about our partners or other companies that we conduct business with.

        Manage competitions whenever held and be able to contact the winners.

        Improving and personalizing the way EXPERTS CONSULTING provides information or content to you via different platforms.

        Under certain circumstance, we may also collect information from individuals associated with businesses. This is done for the following purposes:

        Preparing the reviews and listings in EXPERTS CONSULTING publication

        Distributing EXPERTS CONSULTING products to retailers and distributors.

        Sending EXPERTS CONSULTING services and products information to media among other contacts.


    If you are a EXPERTS CONSULTING employee or working on contract, we will keep information concerning you in that relationship context. There may be difference in how we handle or deal with such type of information due to the relationship that you have with EXPERTS CONSULTING, including housekeeping efforts. If you are part of EXPERTS CONSULTING team, please contact the HR manager in your division or the person in charge of your relationship with EXPERTS CONSULTING.

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